I love it so much.  My two favorites are punch flavor and grape harvest surprise.   The reason I specified harvest surprise is because that grape juice is so thick, it's like wine, and it includes vegetables.  I am an adult who doesn't get enough fruits and vegetables in my diet so the juice is so good for me!  I am into V8 splash and fusion, but I really love Juicy Juice!

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3 Responses Feb 22, 2009

lol, i've come very close to that myself! the stuff is addictive, but unlike many other addictive things, this is actually good for the body!

You're welcome! It really is good for getting the fruits and vegetables, you just have to drink more of it because its made for little kids lol. I drank a whole bottle in one night.

juicy juice is awesome! i haven't had any in a while, thanks for reminding me! i try, but i usually don't get enough fruits and veggies either. :)