I Shouldn't Eat It, But It's So Good.

I sometimes struggle with self control. I can do it one month and than I fall again. It is a weakness of mine. Oh well I know I'm not the only one.
Tara277 Tara277
31-35, F
1 Response May 20, 2012

I understand what its like to deal with self-control, Its so hard. I am currently doing a 90day health challenge and it can be hard sometimes, cuz there is temptations to eat alot of junk food that i used to eat. But hey we sometimes do overeat or eat things that we shouldn't eat. I am glad you are writing about it to talk about it cuz we need to talk about it and make this issue come to light and support each other. I used to eat alot of junk food and eat bad stuff when i am out and about, go to coffee shop have coffee and donut. I am trying hard to avoid temtation, one thing is not to bring things to tempt you into your home and tell others in your home that you like these foods either not to be in the home or kept out of your sight and not to be eaten around you. If they are family they will respect your wishes. Junk food isnt really good for you anyways just read the ingreediants then research the ingredients. anyways well check out my website that i have www.divadawn.bodybyvi.com this is about teh challenge that i am on. and it is helping me

I skimmed it real quick. Thanks I will be checking this out. I already had a doc tell me I was at risk for heart disease! I have started to lose weight though-=)