Weak For Junk Food...

i dont kno but i just love food. i just love to eat. i will eat until im full and even after i eat ill be like "im stll hungry" lol. its funny cuz my sisters do the same thing, well be like "im not even hungy, i just wanna eat". its sucks though because all the uhealthy foods are the ones that i love lol. i especially love pepperoni pizza, i could eat like 3 slices of pizza at once. i also really love oreos, everyone knows about my love for oreos lol. i really need to stop because even though im not  fat or unhealthy now, i know its probobly gonna catch up with me when im older and im not gonna be so lucky. so i should start eating healthier but junk food is really my weakness lol.

nuncie nuncie
22-25, F
1 Response Feb 23, 2010

That's what it did to me my man feeds me all the time junk food and now I'm getting fatter and fatter!