What I Like About Justin Bieber As A 29 Yrs Young Male?

I am a straight guy, and no, this is not a satire.

I was schooled by this young lad in a huge way as I have been going through my "Who am I? How did I end up where I am?" inner journey. To see a kid who who has such wild success just made me think.

I don't listen to his music. I mean I have heard it, but it's not my cup of tea, but I have been thinking about him so much lately.

Reading his memoir "First Step 2 Forever" really triggered many emotions and memories in myself. Half way through the book I was sobbing as I recalled my own childhood and teenage years. Mine was far from his.

Not that I wanted to be a pop star when I was young. However, I was pretty bad at getting what I wanted--always took the longer-cut, sabotaged my own chances of success through negative attitudes, created self-fulfilling prophecies, wasted time by over-analyzing things...

Justin Bieber, however, is so good at getting what he wants in life. If you know what is the Law of Attraction, or a Christian who is familiar with the prosperity Gospel, then you know what I am talking about.

When he wants something, he is very direct and simple about it. The toddler Justin once murmured to the adults, "I want to be on TV", when he was asked what he wanted to become.

Many of us aren't so smart. We make things complicated. We undervalue ourselves. We live beneath our potential. We criticize a lot. We frown when we see people put themselves out there. We label everyone with many negative labels. We don't allow ourselves to frog leap toward our goals, but procrastinate with excuses and force ourselves to go through guilt trips and doubts if we dare think about our wildest dreams at all. The more we become adults the more it gets worst.

I know a lot of adults don't understand why he is so popular among teenage girls. Me neither. Maybe teenage girls have different types of wiring when it comes to vocal music. Maybe Justin's voice hit on the right frequency that girls in that age range love. But he has conquered the hearts of many young girls. They included your daughters, your dream girls in school, your granddaughters, your girls next doors... Guys, including adult women who don't like him, we have got to at least give him some credits.

For people who hate him, let's just sit down and think. You don't get what you want in life by hating the people who managed to get them. You don't get what you want by criticizing the thing you want. I am talking about young teenage boys who hate Justin and ridicule his teenages girls fans. I could also be talking about jealous parents whose daughters love Justin more than they love them!

My adults readers, it is not too late for us to achieve similar success in our remaining life. Don't say, "I don't compare!" "I don't care!", because I am sure many of you do care. Everybody wants to be celebrated, to be loved, to go to places, to retire early, to have enough money to get what you want...

This 16 years old boy earns more in one year than a lifetime of income for an average person. Think about it.

No it is not luck. Justin was obsessed with his music since he was 3. He knew what he wanted before he could read.

Have some faith. Keep on believing. This is what "Never say Never" is about! ;)

And to his fans: I know you are probably going to love him for life, and he is probably going to make his name in history, but also think about what you can learn from this and apply it in your own life! Justin is a Christian, and he knows that God gives him his success.

My website is http://bible-verses-insights.com   There I talk about what faith is and how it can change our life if we learn how to exercise faith daily.
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I think it's the range of frequency that young girls are attracked to and the feminine look. His mom post videos there too. <br />
<br />
Watching the videos, I still don't know where his talents are, but that makes it all the more inspiring. haha

I totally get what you're saying. I'm not a real Bieber fan myself but I have a lot of respect for him and I'll admit I do sing a long to his songs on the radio. You can't deny that the kid has talent. I don't understand why so many people think he doesn't. Because he's 16? He got famous just by posting videos on youtube. Smart kid.

Forgive me for posting this, and I *don't* "like" Alex Jones, but I totally agree with what he's saying here about Justin Bieber lol...<br />

Hey ... whats with all this Satan stuff??? I'm happy for the young guy... his music isn't really my style... but he doesn't have a bad message... all the power to him.

Hmmmm....Michael Jackson? Interesting. I believe many get their fame by bargaining with satan, but I don't like the thought of MJ having done that...however, I won't dismiss it as impossible. I have to say I'm automatically sceptical of anyone with stories of hell, and perhaps the MJ part is just a lie thrown in there. <br />
<br />
I don't know at what age it would be possible, but you could consider probably most rapists, murderers and evil people are most likely the way they are due to spiritual manipulation by people in authority during their childhood...I believe it's the same way with famous celebrities who make bargains with satan. Perhaps it's possible they can turn their back on that at some later point, but it would be difficult/rare to do so. <br />
<br />
I wondered what JB's background was, but I'm sure there is *some* sort of connection, and I did bare this in mind. Perhaps his mother is a pagan who did an occult ritual or some bargain to ensure his success? There must be some sort of reason the forces of darkness have adopted him, because him being a celebrity cannot be good, the media is entrenched with the forces of darkness and their agents. The forces of darkness don't adopt people randomly.

Dark force does exist. One day I read a testimony of a girl who claimed she went to Hell. She saw Selena, Michael Jackson, and John Paul 2 there. <br />
<br />
She said God told him that MJ got his fame by bargaining with Satan. <br />
<br />
MJ got famous pretty young tho. Would that be possible that a child his age knew enough to make pact with Satan? <br />
<br />
Anyways, JB didn't have connection. His mom was dirt poor. She posted his YouTube videos online and people who watched YouTube loved JB, and then he moved on to the big screen and everything.

I believe the majority of celebrities only achieve their fame/status by grooming by their parents or family connections, and if not that, then through some contact with the forces of darkness. So I don't buy that Justin achieved what he did due to faith/action alone. If it was that simple, I would bet half the world would have the same success, but they don't.