I Love This Series!

At first I was a bit skeptical of the series but as I watched it quickly became a favorite. It's really hard to decide which is my favorite character. I'm alot like a mixture of Mugi and Mio (lol, Mugio). I tend to smile alot like Mugi and have a pleasant demeanor but I'm also very shy (to the point of anxiety) like Mio and like to write. Alot of my lyrics are fluffly and playful too. When I saw Yui I was like, "She stole my hairstyle!". I can be upbeat like Ritsu and I also get lonely like Azusa. Hmmm...Maybe this is why I like the show so much. I like watching how they interact with each other. They're all so adorable and funny. And I love their music! I even wrote fan lyrics for a couple of their songs.

I really hope to cospaly as Mio from the "No, Thank You!" ending theme at some point. I also enjoyed the manga and currently rereading it as it is released in the US. I also would like to collect the nendoroid and figma figures. I haven't liked a series this much since Sailor Moon.

MariposaWings MariposaWings
26-30, F
May 31, 2011