K-on ! Fever !

I was never skeptical about watching K-ON because it reminded me of Lucky Star and that it involved music; my NUMBER 1 priority. I loved the moments in there whether it be REALLY REALLY funny, emotional, or those cutesy moments like "MOE MOE KYUN!~" It also had REALLY GOOD music in there that expresses them as well as their character songs. K-ON never disappointed me when it came to episodes and it made people join the musical life. I AM obsessed with this anime/manga, because of the really special friendship that the characters, Mio, Yui, Mugi, Ritsu, and Azunyan shared and how music brought them all together. I also have a crush on mio but that's not the point here. People think that I'm weird for loving K-ON but why? The seiyuus of the show LOVED K-ON so much that they cried during the ending of the their live concert, sad with the fact that it's over. The seiyuus also enjoyed the show and they very much fit their roles as they put in the DEDICATION to learn the instruments, besides Kotobuki Minako-san sempai (Mugi chan) whose mother is a piano teacher. To put in THEIR time and effort to not disappoint the fans, and you can tell that they LOVED the show. Ayana-san sempai very much resembled Azunyan because of her short height and "Loli" appearance. Yoko-san sempai was extremely ADORABLE not because I adore Mio, but because she got me emotional when she cried at the end of the concert. Sato-san sempai, WAS EXTREMELY like Ricchan, also was playing the drums along actually as if she was playing them, but some songs like Fuwa Fuwa Time, she was. And of course, Aki-san sempai, YUIIIII~ She gave the most energy as if SHE WAS AND ALWAYS WILL BE the heart of K-ON. K-ON gives you a comforting feeling and you can feel this family-friendship love as you watch it. The fact that they all went on a trip together, also the club trips, and the seniors made Azunyan a song, before leaving her alone as they head off to college. Besides the "moe" content, K-ON goes beyond that and the characters and the seiyuus give the show meaning. There is Sawa-chan and Yui for most comic relief, but you shouldn't judge this show on just being cute and for the male fans. This show just touches your heart when it's over and you just end up wanting more. <3 And yes I STILL WANT TO SEE THE MOVIE !
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