K-pop , Thank You.

I'm only 16. And I go through rough times in my life, especially in my family. We always fight, we don't get along. But some how K-pop came into my life !! and it changed it , now I have "hope" , I know it sounds stupid , but I just like their music , because it makes happy , when no one else can ! I love the artists themselves , I always watch korean variety shows on tv and in the internet , So I feel like I got to know most of them , "their personnalities" , what they like , what they hate . . . and slowly I got attached to them (not in a freaky , creepy way) Now I have People I look up too as my role model , people who work hard to acheive their dreams , who don't stop when facing obstacles. Also , K-pop is one of the things that made me closer to my sister , we found out about k-pop in the same time , and it soon became something that we love and share together !
So therefore , Thank you K-pop !! Cause you make my life better.
Acelya Acelya
18-21, F
1 Response Sep 6, 2012

I completely agree. Kpop is one of the only things that makes me happy these days. :)