The First Encounter

How I first encountered Kpop ... well I remember it very well. I wasn't actually looking for Kpop or anything. Since I was a child, my brothers and sisters would always watch anime ( Japanese cartoons). When I grew older, I started to watch them too. Normally, I started to look for anime songs and so on. One day, I stumbled upon Nami Tamaki's song ( reason ). I listened to the song and I eventually liked it. After that I kept on searching for Jpop songs, and I came across KAT-TUN. My first reaction was " these guys are AMAZING!!". I kept on listening to Jpop for a year or so. One day I was looking for one of KAT-TUN's songs on Youtube when I came across Super Junior's Sorry Sorry. I watched the MV and I was like " ok these people are more amazing than KAT-TUN". Then, I saw SNSD's Gee!! :P. After that, I downloaded Kpop channels on my TV. However, I didn't still get that much into Kpop. Sometimes I would open KBS and see Music Bank on, and I would sit there watching. It was during the days when Big Bang's Seungri released his solo song ( I forgot the name ) xD. So one day while I was watching Arirang, they previewed BigBang's Haru Haru ( Day by Day ) and BigBang's + 2NE1's Lollipop, and then I fell in love <3 After that, I became obsessed with Kpop :P I started searching and learning about them. And now I am a professional xD My first bias band was SHINee and first individual bias was KEY. However, now my NUMBER 1 BAND is BEAST <3 and my bias is Junhyung <3.
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I had a similar first experience. :P When I first found it I wasn't looking for it and didn't really get into it until some time later. But now I'm obsessed. :)