KissMe (Fans Of U-kiss)

When I first saw Kevin, Eli, and Dongho in their music video entitled "A Shared Dream" I was like, "OMG! Angels!" I fell in love with those three the first time I saw them. I wasn't a KissMe before until my bestie introduced it to me. Now, I'm much more addicted to U-Kiss than her! Weird... Anyway, I'm pretty frustrated because on January 19 an event will be held in MOA (Philippines) It's a K-POP Fantasy Concert! U-Kiss and other Korean groups will perform (That's what they said.) And unfortunately I can't go because my mom won't allow me. Ugh! Talk about heartbreak! That would be a one in a million chance on seeing those three! *sigh* How I wish I could go...
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Jan 10, 2013