"Strong Baby"

I just listened to this song and I predict doing so a lot more often in the future!  Wow.


I love Big Bang, DBSK, Super Junior and WonderGirls.  I have a lot more to listen to though  :D  Like Shinee, a friend of mine loves them, so I'll give them a listen after Strong Baby is over this time  XD

axelval axelval
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2 Responses Jan 6, 2009

haha! i was OBSESSED with this song when it came out, i was playing it in my common room at school, which annoyed like 99% of the people in there cause they couldn't understand it...neither can i haha....but yeh! tis amazin, hope Big Bang's new album doesnt take TOO long in the making....for now, i have Tae Yang and GD's albums to keep me satisfied...altho, i wish TY's would be released already :D xxxxxxxxxxx

Hahaa! seungri is hothothottt! :P Love big bang