Kakashi, Kakashi! Wherefore Art Thou Kakashi

First I will admit I love the man with dying passion, no lie, last year (2012 wow I know just days ago) I went to my first anime convention, yes I'm nerdy like that it was extremely fun mind you, and I saw the most amazing kakashi cosplayer (a guy dressed as kakashi for those who aren't familiar with this stuff) and I took a picture of him, with his permission of course, and months later I found myself looking through my iPod pictures and stumble across his picture and thought to myself "wouldn't it be awesome if kakashi was real!" Lets be honest here I know most of us have thought of him being a real person admit it, maybe not in a pervy way, but I'm sure most of us have contemplated the idea of his existence. To this day I hope to meet that kakashi cosplayer again, seriously he was awesome! And no I don't want to stalk him I just want to take more than one picture. (I got embarrassed and just took one one of the BIGGEST regrets of my life xD)
AwesomeCrayon AwesomeCrayon
18-21, F
Jan 21, 2013