A Fun Time With Friends

I have always enjoyed singing!  I started singing when I was little, at the time, I loved singing in church.  Eventually, I joined choir through school and continued with that for most of my school years.  I also participated in musicals in middle and high school and a madigral dinner in college.  As you can tell, I really love singing.  However, I always had stage fright, I never minded singing with others, but I was scared to sing alone in front of others.  Not that I ever minded singing alone in my car or in the shower.  The first time I ever went to karaoke and my friend wanted me to sing a song with him, I got horrible stage fright, but I tried Sonny and Cher "I've Got You Babe" with him.  It was a learning experience, and I never thought I'd get up there again.  However, after finding a bar that I feel comfortable in, it's kindof my home away from home, I decided to try it again with my girlfriend.  And I became hooked.  Now, I can't stop singing karaoke, alone or in a group, on Wednesdays and Sundays, it's definitely something I look forward to every week.  I usually sing classic rock or pop, but I like trying new songs, so I'm not always singing the same ones.  My favorite song to sing alone is "What's Up" by the 4 Non Blondes. 
rainbowlicious7 rainbowlicious7
26-30, F
Dec 6, 2007