Former Gf Hooked Me On Karaoke

Yes I love to Karaoke. In 1998 I met a woman and our first date was to a place where they had a small stage and a few tables. Before this the only singing I ever did was with the radio. Thank Goodness there was no one but us there.

I have stage fright but that didn't stop her from taking me out to different lounges and bars. Every Saturday night we would go to a different place but the good part about this experience was no matter how bad you were, the people would still applaud.

Although we are no longer together I still love to sing but will stick to Private Rooms because I love the fact you can act silly and embellish a little bit while singing the song.

Now you may be asking just how good or bad I am. Let's just say I would never pass the first auditions to any singing competitions and I did find out I really match with Jim Croce songs and my friend told me I really match with the Charlie Daniels Band song, 'The Devil Went Down To Georgia'. Now I just have to find a singing partner.
PMax47 PMax47
51-55, M
Nov 28, 2012