Teehee.. =]

I love to do karaoke!! We have a karaoke machine here at my house. People often tell me I have a good voice.. so I love to use it! I get a little shy.. alot of people seem like they don't care for my voice... I can never tell if they like it or not... even if people often tell me my voice is good.. I often wonder if they are just saying that... My mama has told me its good though... that must mean something! Shes an honest woman. Though I have a bit of a confession... my mother and I are secretly planning to get a bunch of good songs and practice them together and go to Illinois and blow my Aunt and Uncles and their friends away!! They are always doing karaoeke. ALL THE TIME. They are pretty good... especially my Aunt. Her husband is a musician. And my Uncle does some songs good when he doesn't try too hard. But, we are sick of going down there and hearing the bragging. They don't believe mama has a good voice because she never sings. They act like they are jealous of my singing most of the time... other times they leave the room or turn their head... idk... but me and my mama are really gonna show them!!!
PoeticRejection PoeticRejection
26-30, F
Jul 9, 2007