6 Pints of Stella Later

I turned into Axl Rose, and karaoke-d Sweet Child of Mine *LOLOLOLOL* oooh .. fun ! :) fuh ha ha ha ha ha haaaaa ..... haaaaAN !
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4 Responses Aug 31, 2007

mm fun definitely ! quite a bit of work n sumtimes frustration lol . but most definitely funnest ! XD XD XD :)

sweet! :) bon jovi is awesome for karaoke. blaze of glory is an awesome song. must be really fun learning to play! keep on rockin'! :D

LOL :P hence tha 6 pints of stella ! gives anyone a karaoke axl rose voice ! *LOL* :P<br />
<br />
tha other catch after workin up tha nerve to start singin is to jus keep goin ! :D makez it swo much more fun ! :D heehee my cuz got his xbox fixed , swo i spect sumtiem we'll hava fam getother agen an ill get to sing bon jovi songs agen *LOLOLOLO* LOL :D too fun ! :D<br />
<br />
also tho, on guitar i been practicing blaze of glory , relly nice song :D cept i dont play tha solo bits :P . itd b cool to tho :) :D

lol, great song! i like karaoke too, although it does take me a bit of time to work up the nerve to actually start singing. it's so fun though, especially when you're really feeling the music! :D