My Way

I left for the Philippines in the heart of winter, when it was freezing cold.  I hardly had any idea of the country i would be in for the next three weeks.  At home it was icy but here, on the islands, it was summer.  The bougainvillea was blooming allover and so did many other big colorful flowers.  There's a lot of poverty in the Philippines, especially in the big cities, but the countryside is charming and the beaches are immaculate sometimes. 


While I was on the island Luzon, I was invited to a party by an American who spent a couple of weeks with his Philippino mistress in his log cabin on the shore.  There was karaoke.  I never had been in a karaoke bar before, nor attended a party with karaoke.  But I love to sing.

My usual shyness evaporated after a couple of beers and vodkas and I went on stage among all the Philippino guests, getting great scores from the machine and cheers from the public. 

Finally I sang Sinatra's My Way, probably in a most passionate fashion.  The success I had expected didn't follow.  Instead of that, there was tension in the air.  A father started cursing his daughter of 15.  He had been drinking vodka all the time and called her a *****.  The host all of a sudden was in a bad mood too.  Knives could start flickering anytime now.  Guns maybe.  My Filippino driver approached me and said it was better to go. I left without attracting too much attention.


'It's always the same thing when they play that song', my driver sighed afterwards.

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They are... not just in Japan... they pop in every now and then........ somewhere...

I must add for the record that Philippinos are in high regard as singers in Japan.

well said, Sylph!

The Filipinos love to sing...whether they're good at it or not...haha... Karaoke is a usual past time. Most houses own one...poverty or not. This is a way to relieve their stress...and yes, they so love to drink! Oh yeah! .........Knives and guns, ay? Probably........this made me laugh....<br />
<br />
The beaches are spectacular...the sunset is just breathtaking...and the warm weather is simply something to pine about...