I Need Alcohol...

I have seen a few heinous acts against humanity in karaoke bars. Believe me, it is not for everybody. Unfortunately, I secretly want to be a rock star. Not just any rock star, but the sexiest, most world renowned, well known, visible figure to ever walk the face of the earth.........Steve Perry. Yes it's true. There is nothing like belting out a rock-tastic version of Separate Ways. Of course I don;t limit myself to Journey. No siree. Hey Jealousy, Invisible Touch, When You Were Young, NO ONE IS SAFE!!!! Of course to get to this level of extreme rock stardom, alcohol is required. Lots and lots of alcohol. Nevertheless, a fun time is had by all, besides the poor artists whose songs will never sound the same to all of those poor sould that I subjected to my incredible rock stardom. Yes, there is no rock star like lil ol' undiscovered me.

TheEvilLeaper TheEvilLeaper
26-30, M
Mar 14, 2010