Zui Quan (pt 3)

Zui Quan Numerology
The Eight Shadow style of Drunken boxing has
many underlying theories that drive the
practitioner to generate power, remain
grounded or rooted and combat opponents
effectively. It is defined in a numerological
progression based on the eight trigrams (bagua)
five elements (wuxing) and so on . Each number
has to do with different aspects or energies of
the style. To truly master the style you have to
understand each of these keywords and
energies and put them into your practice. The
drunken forms are filled with movements that
train all of them in applicable ways, without
these energies however the drunken forms
become a dance that can be used in combat
only minimally and without anywhere near the
full potential of the style.
The progression is as follows:
8 Shadows 7 Stars 6 Harmonies 5 Elements 4
Soft Hands 3 Powers 2 Minds 1 Dantien
The first and most important thing in martial arts
movement is the connection of the entire body
to the Dantien. In order to fully connect the
body one must understand the Dantien and its
relationship to physical movement. The only
way to accomplish this connection is with the
use of the minds intent and a will to understand
the inner workings of the body’ s energy more
deeply. Dantien is also referred to as the Dan,
the yellow courtyard, the internal elixir, the jade
pill, etc.
The Dantien is located about three finger widths
or cun below the navel and another three cun
into the body. Now this is common knowledge
however it is the true connection to the point in
the body one must accomplish, merely
understanding its location is not enough. The
Dantien is the storage facility of the body’ s qi,
like a battery. Qi that is gained through post-
natal means is brought to the Dantien and
stored for use in various bodily functions. Qi is
brought to the Dantien post- natal through
breathing in air, eating food, drinking water and
qigong practice. The more healthfully we eat ,
drink, and take care of ourselves with regular
qigong practice or other internal neidan
methods like Taiji , Bagua, Xingyi, Lohanquan or
meditation the more qi we will store in Dantien
and the longer healthier lives we will lead as a
The Dantien is also connected to the process of
transforming Jing, Qi & Shen within our bodies.
However as this is a book on drunken boxing we
will stick to the relevance of the Dantien to
martial movement and connectivity.
Cross section of Dantien
The Dantien is seen differently at different levels
of understanding and training. Here I will
present the levels applicable to the Drunken
Style and those alone.
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Sep 7, 2011