I Miss It

I started Shotakon karate around 6th grade and really enjoyed it.  Twice a week for around an hour, it was a public class that cost so much a month.  Then, the summer between my junior and senior years of high school (summer '08) I went away for eight weeks.  I tried to take a kickboxing class (I was taking a summer at college) but hated it and quit after one class.  I joined a HipHop dance class after that and loved it, but a group came in right after us and did Shotakon karate!

I wanted so badly to join them, but after dance I was always tired, hot and hungry (we had to really book it to get back to the dining hall sometimes!) and never got the chance.  I asked if I would be allowed to join once and told they would love to have me join, but it never happened.
I was also supposed to teach a friend of mine that I met that summer some karate moves, but we never got around to it.

Now, with two months left in my high school career, the OGTs have come upon us and with nothing to do for a week and with shortened classes, my psychology class has started watching "Never Back Down" - the high school mixed martial arts movie.  The first big fight scene was today in class, as well as the main character beginning to train.

The entire time I was watching thinking "Why can't I do that?"  Our training wasn't as intense, haha, but I miss going to class and talking to the other black belts, I miss watching and sometimes teaching the little 10-year-old white belts.  I really want to get back there some day.

I hate sparring, I always have, but nearly everything else, I miss heartily.

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1 Response Mar 19, 2009

I also hate sparring but I love karate.
I hope you did get back into it.