The Group Spelled His Name Wrong

But I think the broke *** creator of this experience couldn't afford the other T, anyway, this guy is the funniest person to come along, I LOVE HIS MATERIAL, plus, he is ghetto as hell, gotta love that


hu-su-lin hu-su-lin hu-su-lin



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23 Responses Feb 21, 2010

Haha me too.I remember when I first saw him, I was like, that's the micro mini pimp from Friday lol.

um yes there is another t and Katt Williams is the s*** I just got his collectors set from the Navy exchange and oh how i love those movies

Haha, I could step outside and watch my neighbors thrown down.

Am I supposed to know? Sorry, I don't watch sports.

What's UFC?

Oh snap, I remember that one, haha :) Rogan is a character.

I know, dude went crazy and went to africa or some **** like that.

I know, I am watching it right now!

Fine, I will rob a liquor store right now to prove you wrong, course, I have to be a lady in the process, don't want them thinking I am mean and stuff.

I will never grow up, it's overrated... Yes I am sooo mocking you :-P

Haha yep :D then I grew up ;O

Hey, you mocking me woman, I will have you know that I once stole a pack of gum from a market. I returned it though because I felt bad, but still, it was the intent!

Yeah! That is the gangsta version! That one was pretty cool. I used to take out the drug dealers and collect their cash wahoo made me rich!

I use to play GTA SA

Yes I thought so, you just seem like the type! All rough and tough and stuff lol

That seems like a regular friday night for me.

Yes you should. Every parent let's their child play it them blames the game for their children running wild. It's an adult game really. You just do missions but you steal cars, mug people, run over or beat pedestrians which also attack you. Oh right and you can buy hookers then kill them when they are done so you don't lose your money.

Should I know about it.<br />
<br />
*googles it*

LOL What? You haven't heard of GTA? Grand Theft Auto?

I have never heard of that game, I why are you being mean to innocent bystanders missy

Yeah he's in my GTA IV game... I go see him after I am done punching innocent pedestrians in the face.

I know right, just watching him right now, he cracks me the heck up.

Haha I love that dude too