One Of The Greats

She was a wonderful actress and an interesting woman, strong and independent in life as she portrayed in many of her on-screen characters.  Some of my favourites of her many movies were Bringing up Baby with Cary Grant, The Philadelphia Story, her films with Spencer Tracey of course and particularly Guess Who's Coming to Dinner and the African Queen with Humphrey Bogart. 

She was truly one of the greats.
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she deserves one zall1rog.

thanks Marji ... I'd say she would have been an interesting woman to know too.

how funny bw ... such a distinctive accent ...

haha chiquita ... yes a classic revival evening ... that would be brilliant!! <br />
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Cary Grant was a very interesting man as well as a great actor. He worked for years as a spy for the British government (MI6) searching out the promoters of anti-government propaganda. He mixed with high society around the world of course as well as hiding his homosexuality and his partner Randolph Scott. All that as well as being such a movie icon! That was in the days when celebrities were REALLY interesting!! lol

OMG, Something else we have in common! I love Bringing up Baby and The Philadelphia Story.<br />
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How about. "The Glass Menagerie" and "The Rainmaker" with Burt Lancaster?? She is flawless as Lizzy!<br />
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I love Kate, but I am a die hard Cary Grant fan. A few years ago, I went on this massive hunt to collect every film he was ever in, plus his walk ons and footage of his early auditions. <br />
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I am a die hard Bette Davis fanatic as well. I LOOOVE old films! <br />
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"Stage Door" is wonderful too and it has several aspiring superstars in it. Joan Crawford and Ginger Rodgers to name a couple. *sigh* I wish we could sit down together and have our very own classic revival! LOL

I absolutely agree with you WIB, she was one of my favorites as well! :)