One of My Favorites

                 ive always love katherine hepburn. she was a fantastic actress. i especially loved her with spencer tracey. she was a witty and very strong woman. she was in love with spencer tracey and was his mistress for years but he was catholic and his wife would not give him a divorce. she was by his side when he died!

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No but Ill have to buy it thanks. I have always been a big fan!

flourlady, have you read Katharine Hepburn's autobiography called, "Me"? I read it a few years back. I thought it was very engaging.

Thankyou I appreciate it Destry!

Thanks Luv is was because I felt Kate Hepburn was so strong!

That is lovely flourlady. ;-)

Thanks Luv. I even named my daugher after her- Alison Kate

Katherine Hepburn was one of my all time favorite actresses. She was so independent, so intelligent and she possessed great emotional depth, I think she also had a great understanding of the workings of the human heart.


Wasn't she a beautiful woman and a great actress. I too loved all the Hepburn/Tracey movies. Always loved seeing her in a movie, still do.