The Lady In Red

How could I NOT love Kathie Dart?

She's one in a million!
She's nice as can be!
She's one of the funniest ladies,
that happens to be on EP.
She's super, she's smart, and she has a big heart,
And always is ready to let out a of art! 
She colors my world, in shades so darn bright,
Cuz she's groovy and hip, and she's so out of sight!
So love her I will, and love her I do,
What else could I say in a group just for you?  

Happy Anniversary Kathie!  You are the nicest thing that could have happened to EP...and me! :)  I'm so glad I got to know you...and am able to call you friend. 

weekender1 weekender1
51-55, F
1 Response Jan 10, 2013

Aww Weekie... My little dog day delight. I'm not one to get all tongue-tied ( well, there was that one year of college when I moved into the coed dorm and " discovered " boys ) Mmmmmm.... Boys...
Where was I? Our friendship is a natural joyous expression, so easy. I'd say more Hon, but I have to go let out a work of art. ((((( HUGS))))). Thank you Dearest one...