Kathy Is Da Bomb, Yo!

Just like most of you in this group, I am a HUGE fan of Maggie Griffin's daughter, Kathy!

There is so much about Kathy that is personally endearing to me.  For example, her refusal to change who she is for ANYBODY! With Kathy Griffin, what you see is what you get, bee-och (sorry, not so good at spelling made-up words).  I don't think you have to have an advanced degree in psychology to know why that aspect of Kathy's personality is so attractive to "her gays".  Anyone who has had to endure any time at all in that d@mned closet knows how brave and how difficult it is to just be YOU.  Kathy knows who she is; her many fans know who she is; her mom knows who she is, and she has better things to do than play the chameleon in search of acceptance from a world that will probably never accept her, because they don't "get" her...not like her gays (and the 7 heterosexuals who dig her).  Oh yeah, and she loves & takes good care her mother...keeps her in boxed wine.  Now THAT'S love!

I recently watched an episode of The D List where she accepts a well-deserved honor from the Human RIghts Campaign (HRC).  I don't recall the exact title of the award, but basically it is an award given to heterosexual allies of the GLBTQI community.  Having been a longtime Kathy Griffin fan (since her days as Vicki Groener on the NBC sitcom Suddenly Susan), I'm not sure why she hasn't received this honor before now.  That one perplexes me.

Anyway, as much as Kathy can make me laugh (and even wince sometimes), she also always makes me feel like she is a true, blue friend.  Not a personal friend, of course, though that would be to die for, but a friend & relentless advocate for our community.  In the episode of which I was speaking earlier, Kathy headed up to Capitol Hill to lobby for repeal of that piece of crap law, Don't Ask, Don't Tell.  Now I readily admit that some could make the point that part of the reason Kathy did all this was for her own self-promotion & for the publicity (not that Kathy is a publicity ho' or anything ;-),  but the point shouldn't be lost on us that the publicity she was seeking was on behalf of our equality.  Kathy is one of the few quasi- or semi- or nearly-, or even full-blown (somehow that word seemed appropriate for our Ms. Griffin) famous people who equivocates not an iota when she is speaking and fighting for our rights. A few of those self-righteous politicians Kathy saw while she was in Washington could learn a thing or two from her about that particular virtue. 

It may be a bit of an understatement to say that Kathy seemed like she wasn't necessarily an expert on DADT, but really, all she needed to know is that homosexual service women & men putting nothing less than their very lives on the line in the US armed forces can be thrown out on their ears just for being truthful about themselves.  I know I am preaching to choir here, but if the people we trust to keep our country safe and ready to defend ourselves & our interests around the world must be of the highest character, yet are being encouraged to outright lie or--at the very least--lie by omission, you have to wonder how any thinking person can honestly reconcile this bizarro world where up is down and wrong is right.

Knee-jerk reactions to me usually mean that the person hasn't put much thought into an issue and just automatically toes the party line.  Now, I'm not a doctor (I don't even play one on TV) but in the case of Kathy Griffin, I'd say her knee jerks can be attributed to her big, bawdy, beautiful heart that wouldn't allow her to do otherwise, because--it feels like to me--that we are more than just "her gays", We Are Family!*  :-)

*P.S.  Thank you, Sister Sledge!  Love y'all, too!  :-)
MisterC MisterC
46-50, M
Aug 1, 2010