Fresh of Salty

A hot cup of coffee sitting at the waters edge at kind of peace. Or a kayak race on a lake (I always lose but it's fun!) for excitement. Swimming in the ocean or a lake... Or floating in a skiff with my line in the water waiting for a fluke to lay on the hook or a bass to hit and run... Man I can't wait for Spring!!!!

I know it says kayaks and fishing, but "Take me to the water..."


StormyLlewellyn StormyLlewellyn
41-45, F
2 Responses Feb 21, 2009

I love fishing from a kayak. I like hooking into a big fish that pulls the boat around. I also like watching the Sun rise or set over the water.

me too! we could have campfires near the water and watch the stars and sing songs or just snuggle...maybe a little skinnydippin...