Sad and Happy

I have been in love with Keanu Reeves for about 6 months now, and I have written several letters hoping for a response from him for awhile. I think he is my soul mate, and I honestly would devote my life to him. I'm not a stalker, I don't go out of my way to interfere with his personal life. I have a passion for him that I would like to express so bad that it makes me cry. I've seen all of his interviews on youtube. I've read about him. He and I have some things in common, like I play the guitar, he played bass. He is into hockey, I love hockey. He played soccer too. I also love soccer. I try to go see all his movies, I love it when I see him smile. It makes me excited. I am a generous person like he is too. I also share buddhist beliefs. I am afraid that I will never be heard by him or I think he will never respond to any of my letters because they were all really stupid and silly. It's really hard to try to make someone like you. They really have to meet you in person to make that judgment and analyzation. I wouldn't mind devoting my life waiting for him. Thinking of being with anyone else repulses me. I have a lot of friends that are guys, and some friends that are girls that really do love me or care for me anyway at least, and they think my obsession with Keanu Reeves is very silly, at some times when I cry over him they think it's not healthy, and they want to see me find love in my life. Money doesn't attract me. I've been with men with money, and they treated me right. But, broke up with them because I'm not fully attracted to them enough to stay with them for life. I like all sides of Keanu. He can be funny, sincere, caring, generous, he's humble, down to earth, and we could probably live a harmonious life together. I have dreams about him. I look at as many pictures of him that I can in the day so that when I go to sleep I can have dreams of him. One time I had a dream that he said he loved me, and it was funny because he kicked a soccer ball so hard that the black squares flew off the ball. And another one where he picked me to be with instead of a ********, and we went out to eat at an Italian restaurant. Then one with him in it where he was there but I felt his unusual power and he really was a cool breeze over the mountains because the wind was strong and he and I were flying in the sky. I mean, if I met him I think we would get along and have a lot to talk about. I just want to love him and I hope that it happens for me one day. This world has had many strange things happen. So, I'm not shutting off my dreams or the possibility of me being with him. I want him and no other, and I'm trying to win the lottery so that I can go near him and meet him soon.  I want to finally have the love of my life. I just want to love him. But, it can scare him too if we all say that we love him because he may not want to get to know any of us, and I am afraid for that. I am afraid because I feel he may not be ready for love or romance or a family. Maybe he changed his mind about all that. I guess the best thing that I can do, is if I want to see him that bad, and love him, then I just have to love him for the person he is, and be his friend, support his work, and cherish the times that I'm happy because he's made me smile and laugh. Freedom for him and happiness is more important to me than my own personal desires. Matter of fact, I am going to go to a buddhist retreat if I win this lottery because although you need money to live, living a peaceful and harmonious life with others is really important to me. giving back to my community also. I'm just a giver, and I can and have lived without extravagant things. I believe God wil give me the desires of my heart, but I have to meet it half way at some point. Like Ben Franklin said God helps those who help themselves. I deserve someone like Keanu because I need his love, and I believe we are compatible. And if being his friend is all I ever get in this life, then I have to be mature and just realize that I can only take what was meant to be. You can't force love. It will come when it feels like it and has readied, matured, and blossomed. Because relationships are based off of mutual understanding, mutual agreement, having personal space, having personal freedom, reasoning, rationalization, creativity, ideas, imagination, trust, compatibility, problem solving, passion, love, and interest. So, Keanu if you feel the urge to contact me because you think I might be a good match, then please do because I'm dying to hear from you. I want you to know although I want to be with you and think strongly that I love you, I understand that I may not be the winner of your heart, and so I appreciate you still, and would love for your friendship. Because after all love takes time. So, I wish you peace, harmony, and freedom. Love you most! And crying for

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1 Response Mar 18, 2009

wow, I know how it feels, you know what he wants the most? He wants family and more he wants kids, are u ready to give him that? I`m not sure. Good luck, girl, I will pray for you.