My Weird Keds Story

You know there are many I don't knows in life. My Keds story has an I don't know. Why Keds? Out of everything out there. I don't know why they have this hold on me. I ignored this part of my life for several years. I think it all started when I was about 5. My babysitter had the most beautiful pair of red Keds champions. They were red with white side walls. I would slip my feet in them any chance I could. I had no sister at home so my experience with women's Keds was very limited. I remember once me and my mom were at a department store, and she was trying on shoes. I found some in my size. While mom was trying on her shoes I put on the white ladies Keds. I could smell the new rubber soles and canvas. I started feeling tingly. My penis started to stiffen. This was my first erection. I quickly ran to the bathroom and splashed cold water on myself. I was clueless. Flash forward to high school. The 80's. I had a secret crush on a girl. She was beautiful, but she was very large. My friends would make fun of her: so that made her off limits in the relationship department. In one of my classes we sat at a table. We started off playing footsie, and eventually we would put our feet in each others laps, that progressed. She would put her Keds clad foot in my lap (usually blue champions with white stitching, or solid white) and rub her foot on my mid section. I would do the same for her. Eventually I had to start wearing condoms to minimize the mess. We would rub until we could see the release in each others eyes. If I had it all to do over I.would have been open and had a relationship, instead of hiding. It was around this time that I found some men's anchors. I got married. My wife has always kept a pair of Keds on her side of the closet. I pushed my fetish away for a long time, but it never really goes away. About 3 years ago I was looking at some blue vans. My wife didn't like them. She said they were too clunky. I found that Keds started selling men's champions. I bought my first pair in navy. Now me and my wife have an interesting love life. One day she picked up one of my Keds and spanked my bare butt with it. The echo of the loud Pock the sneaker made with every swing coupled with the feel of rubber made me harder than I have ever been. Wiretapping noticed how I became erect every time I put my Keds on. She noticed that women's Keds are cheaper and last longer so I no longer wear men's Keds. Me and my bride wear the same size, so we share Keds. I am wearing black women's Keds with white stitching right now. My wife gets a sly naughty smile.every time I put her Keds on.
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I LOVE Keds too. I have what is called a pedal pumping fetish. It's an attraction to seeing a girl have to pump the gas pedal on an old car to get it started. I love seeing girls do this in Keds. When I was in school, I used to ride with a girl who had an old Chevy Monza, and always wore Keds Champions. I loved those cold mornings when she would really pump the gas pedal while cranking her car in those Keds. It would get me so turned on. Anyone else ever had an experience like this?

I also have a keds love since 5 in kindergarden. Have both the mens and womens but prefer the womens they just feel and look better. Me and my wife both own 5 pairs each and wear them out whenever we can. At first i was nervous wearing keds out but now dont care they just feel and look so good

I wear mine every day, and I am ordering some white and navy and white women's champions. No one notices they are women's. I wouldn't care if they did

I also have the navy, 2 white champions and my favorite which im wearing right now is the black with white stitching. Just saw the other day the champion jersey under the fall comfort.They look awesome and will order now before they sell out.

Can u send any pictures

It must be really cool to have a wife that likes to see you wear Keds. Even better is that you trade shoes. How many pairs do you two own? My favorite Keds are the canvas champion slip-ons. Which Keds are your favorites?

It was the babysitters Keds that got you into the Keds fetish. Most fetishes start around 6 and something as innocent as her stepping on something with her Keds or playing with you with her Keds or just the site of them on her feet close to your face would be all it took to start your fetish. I have gotten great pleasure out of my Keds fetish for all these years and don't want to be "cured" I just want to have women in Keds model them for me and step on my hands with their Keds :)

Your highschool Keds story drives me crazy and I most likely would have ended up married to that girl (wouldn't have been a bad idea, at least for me). Women in Keds always drove me crazy as well as wearing them myself and nothing like sex and Keds forplay with a woman. I lovbe getting my hands and fingers stepped on by women in Keds and any NYC LI girl that would model her Keds for me please message and I will meet you right now!

Keds drive me crazy and I have been wearing them for years, I like the womens Keds too. This is the NYC area and no one really cares what you wear so when I am casual I love to wear my Keds. Seeing women in Keds just drive me crazy and this dates back to when I was a child myself and my friend got her first pair of girls Keds, we both had baby Keds up to then. I take my fetish a step further as I want girls in Keds to step on my hands and fingers and crush them under their sneakers, a fetish that goes back to when I was 6 and has given me much pleasure over the years. I had no sisters and got to try on a new pair of my mothers Keds that were in the back of her closet but were so small I was out of them by 2nd grade. I so wanted to wear those sneakers out!! Any NYC LI girl that would model her Keds for me please message

I wear mine in public as well. I think that's part of the thrill of it. I mean I want want to be seen in my keds while at the same time I'm afraid I might run into someone I know. The other day I was in the supermarket wearing a pair of navy champs and plaid shorts when I crossed paths with a hot ladie friend that I haven't seen in a while. She asked how I was doing. I said OK except for my gout acting up. She looked down at my swollen ankle then leaned down and rubbed my ankle just above my shoe. Well guess what... my ankle wasn't the only swollen body part now. I was so afraid she was going to see my *****. We talked about an hour and she never mentioned my keds. If she had said something about them, I probably would have had a stain in my shorts that I would have had a hard time explaining to my wife.

I always wear my womens keds expecting for a gemale to come up to me and comment on them but that day still hasnt become a reality

Female**** oops

Gotta luv auto correct. My obsession with keds also goes back to my early childhood. To this day I don't understand it. I don't think I could suppress it if I had to nor do I want to. I also prefer the women's Champs even though I own both. You're fortune that you and your wife can wear the same size. As for me, I wear a ladies size 11w while my wife takes a size 6. Over the years I've owned hundreds of pairs. I currently have around 20 - 25 pairs and my lady owns more than that. Do you wear yours in public or just at home?

I wear mine in public. At first I was kind of nervous, but now they are what I wear...unless I am wearing a suite.

Sorry wife not wiretapping damned auto correct