Keds Fetish

Hi well l happen to be in love with a beautiful woman who l adore and she is so into me aswell and we both couldnt be happier . My Lady loves Keds Sneakers so much she lives in them and owns about 40 pairs , she loves wearing them with stockings and neat firm fitting clothing and she is a size 7 but wears size 6 as she loves them firm and neat fitting also . I myself loved a woman in heels but now lm definately a Keds Man and my Lady has made me become that way and l now find her extremely hot in them , so l guess lm a lucky man to have this unbeleivable woman ???????? But theres one more thing to add to her fetish ?????? she also just opened up to me a few weeks ago and told me she also wants me to tie her up tight and gag her atleast once everyday and she wants to be my KEDS GIRL BONDAGE SLAVE ???????????? Yep she is unbeleivable and if thats what she wants then thats ok with me .


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4 Responses Oct 4, 2012

You are soooooo luck!!!!

You are so lucky!!!!!

Awesome! When she's tied up does she get "punished"? like maybe having to smell the inside of a pair of her sweaty keds she's had on all day. Have you worn keds for her yet? If you haven't, it might be something you might want to consider. Keds sex is so fun.

Great story and the bondage foreplay. Love wearing my keds when me and the wife have sex or just to go out. Love the keds, love the look, love the feel!