It's Funny, Because It's True!

My grandmother was exactly like Hyacinth Bucket. And in turn, my mother got the same touch of it... she still worries about what the neighbors think of her! :-o

I had it for a short while, as a kid... but when I became a teen, my attitude became, "Screw this! I'm being myself! If anyone doesn't like, then screw them too!" So, I kinda broke the mold! Only worrying about what my family and friends thought of me... and being their puppet... until age 21, when I broke that mold too! But, this is way off topic! XD

My point is, every time I watch this show, I am laughing so hard! Because I can imagine my mother and grandmother doing the exact same things, to keep up appearances! It's funny, but kinda of sad in a way... but funny mostly! =p

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4 Responses Feb 22, 2009

oh, there's the telephone, that would b someone very important!

Hahaha! Man I remember that show...good times :D

I LOVE this show. I love when Hyancith would answer the phone, 'the BOUQUET residence, lady of the HOUSE speeking.....'.... LMAO!!! It's that BUCKET woman.... XD

That's my sister! Always putting on airs. I wonder where she hides the Royal Doulton china! She certainly can't boast I have a "Mercedes, sauna and room for a pony." LOL