My Daughter's First Concert

        I took my daughter to her first concert last Thursday. She is ten years old. I won tickets to see Keith Urban and Sugarland. We had no idea where we would be sitting but we knew it would be good seats. We drove close to two hours and made our way to the colliseum. We parked and went inside to the will call booth and told them we had won tickets. The man took out and opened an envelope. He acted surprised. He said we would be sitting up front close to the center. My daughter grinned from ear to ear. She was also excited to get a concert shirt. We went inside, showed our tickets and we were directed to the floor seats. My daughter started to shake a little. We showed another man our tickets and he said he would show us to our seats. We were both noticing how many rows we were passing. We passed the section I thought we were in. We went straight to the very first seats right at the stage. We were so close that Keith Urban, Sugarland and Everyone could easily see us as well. We couldn't believe it.

       The concert was wonderful. My daughter received three guitar picks and is now in love with a member of Keith Urban's band. I know she will remember this night forever. It was pretty special to me as well. Loved It !!!!!!!!!!!

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1 Response Jun 20, 2009

so cool, wish i went, love keith and sugarland! and im in love with keith, and joe nichols, country musics two hotties