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Stone In My Cereal

Last year I came across a stone in my bowl of Special K, and I took it upon myself to write them this letter:

Dear Kellogg's,

I have been a regular user of your products, and I have developed a trust for your cereals over the many years that I have enjoyed them without a problem. However, today is a different matter. I took a big trusting bite into my morning Special K, savouring the taste, expecting to find nothing more than the usual delicious red berries.
Something was wrong; the taste of betrayal filled my heart with dismay, as an ear-splitting noise erupted in my mouth. In horror and agitation, I removed an unclassified object from my mouth. At first glance, it appeared to be a piece of berry, as it was red in colour. I took another look; it was a small stone-like object. I couldn't believe it - a stone! In my cereal?
I sought confirmation from my brother; as I angrily thrust the object under his nose, he confirmed my suspicions, that it was in fact a small stone. Questions filled my mind, as I finally came to terms with this horrifying revelation. How could it have got there? Have others been affected by this atrocious deception?
I have realised that I have placed too much naive confidence in you as a well-known brand, and I may have to rethink my future cereal purchases. I have enclosed the object in with this letter, so that you can affirm that it is indubitably misplaced. If I were you, I would feel obliged to respond to this citation, with a full explanation for a dissatisfied customer. I have also enclosed the quality codes found on the top of the cereal box. I thought it pointless to return the whole packet and its contents, as the stone was found in the last bowl of this clearly inadequate box of cereal.
beaniebabies beaniebabies 16-17, F 15 Responses Jan 27, 2013

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Haha thats awesome

I love your wording!

I'm glad that the object didn't damage your Teeth! Can you imagine going through life with entire side of one molar missing and having the raw nerve exposed? Ohhh My!

Did they ever reply?

I like this. I wrote a similar letter to the Dole fruit company complaining that the banana-man on a skateboard was offensive, and borderline racist. Still waiting on a response. Hahaha atleast you had a good reason to write to them. I just wanted to be an ***. :P

I think General Mills purposefully put that stone in there. It's all a big conspiracy.

Lol this letter probably made them laugh other than feeling bad about their product.

I'd imagine it got picked up with the berries before they were shipped to the factory and since it was the size and general weight of a berry without being made of metal it just happened to fall into your cereal. It's not like it would've done any damage if you'd have eaten it.

haha, but.. it was a really sharp stone :o

That's not much compensation for having foreign objects in your food.

Haha I like how the group recommended for this is "I love Kellogg's cereal too!"

once i find glass in mine.

so did u get a lifetime supply of special k???

haha, nope

how generous of kellogs.. with their 5r... time to switch to nestle ;)

What did they give you?

I got a £5 voucher for Kellog's products. :P

Lol. Lame

So want u to be facbook buds

lol!! You are so lucky that you did not chip a tooth!

U burned um good