Vanished From Existence

I've had a fair few experiences on Ketamine but one of my favourite nights took place about 2 years ago. We were all round at a friend's house, who was looking after his parents' home while they were on holiday. It was payday week and we did what we always used to do on payday week - buy a batch of E's and a big bag of Ket (along with a couple of crates of beer), and just went with the flow. There had been previous times when I'd sniffed Ket and felt as though I couldn't have any more until a good few hours afterwards, as my head had been in pieces! But on this night that didn't seem to matter. I don't know if it was because I was already up on E's so I didn't care as much, or if it had something to do with all of the lads being together so it was a good atmosphere, but something that night just felt right.

So even though I'd already had a few big lines of Ket this night, I always felt as though I could do a bit more (even though I felt like I was being stretched and ripped apart by invisible forces). At one point, I felt myself shrink really small and then float up onto a shelf where I was looking down at myself and my friends from inside a little box ornament. I felt as though I couldn't get out of this box and was just stuck there, looking down at everyone through a gap in the side of it. But I felt comfortable in that box, so I didn't mind. After a while, when the buzz had started to fade a little, I came back to reality for a moment before having another line. After sitting there in silence for a while watching everyone else pulling faces and making weird noises, I felt my body turn itself inside out and I remember thinking to myself "It doesn't matter if I die now, because I don't even exist and nobody can see me".

Everytime someone mentions Ketamine, this is always the first experience I think of. There have been many other good nights on it, but this one always stands out as being the best so far. I haven't had any Ket for a couple of years now, but writing about this has made me want to get some more.
Sandbwoy Sandbwoy
22-25, M
Jul 22, 2010