I love Heinz ketchup....  I love potato chips.... put the two together and what do ya get?  A yummy combination!  I love fries with ketchup so this is similar just more crispy and convenient!  :D  They are definitely worth trying! 

Valentine Valentine
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LOL nope I'm not! I eat some pretty weird things. You should read some stories from the I eat weird food combinations group I started. I tell my friends that when I do become pregnant, I will probably eat normally! LOL

Sweet! Let me know what ya think of them!

Well then I'm in!

Sure they are healthy! Ketchup is healthy because of vitamin C and lycopene so the chips will be healthy! :P

I will look for them when I go grocery shopping... although they don't sound too healthy!! lol

Mmmm Debijean, please do let me know! You are going to love them! <br />
<br />
Newyork, dipping chips in ketchup is good but the ketchup chips are even better. There is just something about the powdered seasoning that is pretty darn good. I encourage you to try the Heinz Ketchup chips!

I am going to try this tonight!! never thought of dipping chips in ketchup

Just bought the family a bag tonight, serving them tomorrow with chili and sandwiches. I'll let you know how they went over at our home.

Yes! Those are good too! Sea salt and cracked pepper... yum!