Fantasy Fest In Key West

We are going on our 2nd nude cruise to Key West for fantasy fest this oct.
The wife has lined up a session with a body painter and will show her rack all over town.....
party all day & night , every one painted & posing for pic's........
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5 Responses Sep 28, 2011

What an exciting sexy hot wife you have ! what , if anything happened in her seconf skin of body paint ? wink

Body painting is something I would like to try on my wife and she is agreeable. Primary problem is huge breasts that are easily put into motion are difficult to keep decorated.

I know a guy who paints the bodies during Fantasy Fest. He's probably not the only one. I don't know him all that well, but it was a bit odd meeting his wife for the first time and picturing her bald *****. Please add me...

Bare necessities runs several large &small nude nude cruises.<br />
This one featured fantasyfest in key west...the best way to cruise.....nude

What is the nude cruise, where does it sail from?