Yea, I Love That ******* ****!...

Yea, I love that ******* ****! I have drank it right out of the styrofoam container on more than one occasion. I once saw a show on Colonel Sanders and Dave Thomas (from Wendy's fame) let the cat out of the bag about the gravy. According to him the big secret to it's flavor is putting fried chicken cracklins in the mix.
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1 Response Jan 8, 2007

Once apon a time "cracklins" may have been part of the SECRET, but I find that hard to believe now. For one, cracklins are lumpy, crisp, and definately noticable. You'd have to stop and chomp while slurping down your container. While the gravy is thick to a degree, it is also very smooth. Unless they somehow blender the cracklins, I don't see it as being part of the recipe now.