Finger Lickin Kfc Chicken

I just had some mighty  fine, deep fried , finger lickin fricken chicken!   I  never eat fast KFC fast food?   It went fast for sure.  My Grandson liked it and the dog had a sumptuous biscuit, dropped on the floor..Via baby Aiden.     I'm gong to rethink cooking my own chicken..their's was much better. Plus no kitchen heat and a fat mess.    One hoot for the Colonel.   yes
wiseowl wiseowl
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2 Responses Jul 11, 2010

The spuds were so good with the gravy..yummins, I dipped my biscuit right in that gravy! I don't like coleslaw but the baby ate a good bit. I gotta get more of that stuff!!! Glad to see you my good, lovable friend. Many hugs out your way, Owlie.

Yup, Colonel Sanders filled a big hole in the market with the best chicken. How about them taters n gravy? I like them, too.