Poem Attached To A Toothpick

I remember getting a little tooth pick with a poem attached to it (like a flag) back in 1968 from a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant.
It went like this:

"When chicken like this is served,
A wise man never lingers.
He sets aside his knife and fork
and eats it with his fingers."

Back then, they focused only on men,
But the times, they were a changing.

ShondaiSam ShondaiSam
3 Responses Jul 11, 2010

I LOVE YOU TOO!!!!!!!!! Hugs and smiles, Owlie

Wiseowl, I love you 2 death. You are a real sweetie. God Bless.And Thanks for the comment. And that extra crispy crap is for the birds, IMHO.

I certainly devour it using my fingers..but then I'm a wise Owl..Cute post! I am Lol as I write.