I Could Live On Them........

I mean, you have no idea. I am dieting, and can't have them right now.

I remember the day I signed divorce papers..I drove to a bar, had a drink, then drove to KFC and had an original recipe leg. There is NO OTHER comfort food, in my opinion. Sheer genious.. the saltiness is inside and out.

Accept no imitations.

litterbitt litterbitt
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3 Responses Jun 5, 2007

I like the white meat. The taters & gravy are scrumptious.

If you want to have the KFC style chicken, but are worried about your diet, you could try making breaded chicken at home. Still not low cal, but better than fast food. And it may become a new favorite! PM and I can give you a recipe that was rated as pretty awesome by those who have tried it :-)

Yeah they are really good! It is my favorite piece of chicken when I go there! I like their potato's and gravy too!