I Love Kfc

We usual have it once every 2 weeks as a treat. Something i very much look forward 2!! Just think it as heathy as a salad  and your body will treat it that way!!

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6 Responses Feb 24, 2009

KFC? Why not just chug a pint of grease and be done with it.

i'm just doing a vegtable stew,kfc sounds much more tasty.i'm visiting my sister & her kids tomo night,i might treat them to one.

We have kfc, mc'd, hungry Jacks and red rooster.

I'll go one better....I have KFC, Bo's and Chik Fil~A. YAAA~HOOOOOOO

ha ha ha i have kfc and bojangles!!!!

But they dont have popeyes in Brisvegas!!