How I Fell In Love With Khadija

When I first met khadi, it was the most special day in my life. It's one of those magical moments you experience at some point in your life. We met on Christmas eve, 2005. It was about 3 weeks before I was about to leave the country to come over to Canada as an international student. I was downtown in Georgetown, walking around, enjoying the xmas vibe and all. I was actually doing this alone cuz my friends were busy with their life.  I met up a few old friends and ended up hanging with them. After a few hours, one of my friends met up with Khadi, he introduced us and I swear, I experienced love at first sight. She had a gorgeous smile, lovely hair and the sexiest body every. I'm not superficial, she's just hot. However, I don't look at the outside alone and after talking with her, she was educated, smart and a great personality. 

What can I say, after that, we fell in love and have been together for 9mths now in a LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP mind u. Doesn't sound magical huh? Well, maybe I'll get her to tell it the way it really was.
dmadray dmadray
18-21, M
Oct 8, 2006