i love them i adore them.
they are real meaning of angel.idk where do you live.but if you are reading my post plz plz try to help them right now.you know how much im proud and i dont say plz.but this time is diffrent.you can help them with your smile.you can change the world.just try it today.thx
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Absolutely, I love them too!
If they get cured, I would say that they are the real survivors… :)

yeah... they are real angels.. two or three years ago i gave a visit to sri lanka'e cancer hospital for dahwah. i met a boy who was 7 years old. his name was adhithya. he was really really cute. docs gave few months timeline for him. but he didn't know anything about it. i was so intelligent. he knew every single person and their name in that hospital. he explained about every ones cancers. he talked a lot.. i loved him so much. he was so small. after few months i went there, but he wasn't there..:( i missed him a lot. he was so innocent.. may allah give him his mercy.
pray for him too..