First Day Of School

This is one of many first days of school stories about my youngest . Here in the Bahamas , our kids wear uniforms and any good parent here knows that when you have a boy that love the outdoors you better buy one for everyday for at leat 10 days. The first day he'll come home from school ( this is between 4-9 just so you can relate ) minus he's lunchbox and backpack , plus one or two buttons. I just smile and ask him how's his day and he always replies" I had fun mommy" , then I ask " so baby what happen to your stuff sweetie? " it went away , where did it go darling ? I don't know mommy , grandpa says you have more. That's day one. By Wednesday he looks like he's been working on a construction site and the forgot to pay him and he took it out on the sandbox. That went on until he was about nine. I miss those days , I never got angry with him coming home really and I mean really dirty because I did the same thing at his age and my dad always told our mom to let us have fun as well as learn. He's fifteen how and about to graduate high shool here and will be going to boarding school for a year and then university. I miss those days.............
Bahama68 Bahama68
41-45, F
May 20, 2012