I went camping this weekend and I decided to swim at the waterfall. I couldn't find anyone who wanted to swim with me so I was like hesitating to go anymore when I noticed there was a diving board. I always challenge myself and I can't say no. I can't. It nags at me til I do it. So I told myself to at least jump the board. I did and the water was freaking freezing. So I wanted to leave immediately when I noticed a guy under the falls. Again I told myself to do it. Swim to the falls like the guy did. So I climbed the ladder down to the water. At this point I was shaking really bad lol. I attempted to swim to the falls but the current was really strong so I found myself pinned to the wall. I looked next to me and saw this little girl staring at the falls too. She looked at me and said "scared too?" and I said yeah haha and we talked for a while deciding how to attack this lol but we were both scared. So a lady swims to us and tells us it's easier to reach the falls if we jumped from the board and use the momentum to swim towards it. I said okay but the little girl was nervous cause she's never jumped before. And the water was 20 ft deep. But she said she'll do it. She said that's how much she wanted to touch the waterfall. And she said come on and climbed the ladder. I haven't seen that kind of fire in the longest time! Of course she still was scared and wanted me to go first. I said I'll only do it if she promises to do it too. So I went and I looked up and there she was standing on the edge of the board looking down. I yelled come on you promised! And she yelled back okay I'm coming down! And she went after it. She actually reached the falls first before I did!
Her mom came to me later and thanked me and I said oh thank you to her! She inspired me and I'll always remember that drive and innocent spirit that only saw the good and knew what she wanted and went after it.
Her name is Molly and she has beautiful green eyes :)

(That's the falls and the board behind us. Ignore my bad shot lol)
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That is adorable. She is so cute! And your so pretty to.

Thanks haha I tried in this pic 😁

Your welcome. My pleasure

That's such a cute story