One Loving Fan of Kiefer Sutherland

I think Kiefer is the greatest man that you can ever meet with, he is so nice, sexy, and his eyes are to die for, and his voice you just want to melt away when he speaks, and he is very dedicated to his fans, and it doesn't get any better than Kiefer, I love him so much, and even when I am very down, I go online and do some Kiefer research, and whenever I see him on the internet or on television he makes all of my problems go away for that moment, because with all the bad that is going on in my life right now with my family and there health it gets me so sick to my stomach and very sad, and Kiefer, he is the only thing that makes all of my problems go way for that moment, and Kiefer he is the one and only wish that I have is to meet with Kiefer again, because with my father having cancer, and my sister having her illness as well, and my mother who has very bad rheumatoid arthritis, and with my mother falling and injuring herself really bad, and by my mom taking care of everyone, it is very hard for her to do things liked she had use to, because of her condition, it totally destroys me so, and I try my hardest to help everyone out with things, and by me keeping all of my family together, it is very hard, and especially when there are children involved, you don’t want them to be around all the bad that is going on in your life, with all the health issues, those girls have been and seen enough it’s enough, how much more can a person take, it is very heartbreaking, and so upsetting to see your family go through such health problems, it is so hard, so I try my best to get my niece’s away from it all, so they don’t get depressed, they are young still but they are very smart and they realize what is going on, no child needs to be and see all this, they need to have their own fun and be around happiness and go on with their own lives, but we are all coming along and dealing with the situations as best as we can, but it is very hard knowing if it is one of your family members time to go, it destroys me so, and when I feel so down and out in the dumps, and when I feel so upset with everything that is happening, all I can think about is Kiefer, and what a sexy guy he is, and how nice one person can be, I know it sounds crazy but it helps me get through my moments, and despite of all he rumors, and real stuff that you hear about Kiefer, that doesn't make him a crazy person, that only makes him a down to earth and normal guy, just like the rest of us, and Kiefer isn’t stuck up, he is the nicest guy you could ever meet, he is not like these other  actors who some of them are so rude and especially to their fans, Kiefer he is the coolest, nicest, and sexiest man, you could ever meet with, he is my world, and the one and only wish is that I can meet with him again, and along with my family having all their health normal again, and for me to be their for my two nieces which I am always there for them and whenever they need me, I love those girls so much they are my life, so if any one has any info on Kiefer, I would deeply appreciate it very much if you can let me know anything on Kiefer and where he will be, so I can go and meet with him again.  Thank you so much for hearing me out in my situation, Thank you and have a great day.

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mswally mswally
41-45, F
Aug 1, 2007