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Kim Harrison has been my favorite author since I first started reading her series The Hollows in the Winter of 2009. I read all of her books ravenously, one right after the other, and could not wait for her then newest, White Witch, Black Curse, to be released in February of 2009. I bought it soon after and loved it. I then could not wait until the next and newest book, Black Magic Sanction, was released in February of 2010. I bought it the day after it's release. It was hard to wait an entire year for the latest after reading the first seven within a period of just a couple of months, but I somehow managed lol. Now, I'm back to waiting another year for the next in the series. It's going to be a very long wait, but I am listening to the previous releases on audiobook in the meantime.

Ever since I read the first book of the series, Dead Witch Walking, I was immediately hooked. I love the characters and they have stayed with me throughout all of this time. They are always in my head. My user name, ItchyWitch82, comes from a nickname Rachel, an earth witch and the main character, received from a demon who will not leave her alone. And my avatar is of two people portraying Rachel (the redhead) and Ivy, (the darkhaired one), who is a vampire and one of the other lead characters of the series. Jenks, a four inch tall pixy, is who I would consider to be the third main character of the series, would also be included in my avatar if I only could have found one adequately protraying all three together. I even named my kitten, Ivy, after the character Ivy in the books. Oddly enough, their personalities have turned out to be very similar to one another lol.

There are numerous other authors in this genre and similar genres that I have loved and obsessed over previously, but Kim Harrisons series is by far my favorite of them all.

I plan on reading her other series, though they're aimed at teenagers, though I still have yet to do that. I also want to read the books she has written under the name of Dawn Cook (which I believe to be her real name-- Kim Harrison is just an alias), but also have yet to do that. I am sure I will love them all as much as I love her sereis The Hollows.

Here is the address, in case anyone is interested, which shows all of her books, both as Kim Harrison, & Dawn Cook:

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I've read the entire series including the latest, Pale Demon and I think the books are just as good, maybe even better, than they used to be. You may think so, too. I was also shocked by Kisten's death and still wish it wouldn't have happened but it was kind of an arc in the series and led to Rachel's newfound maturity and personal growth. I've never read the Sookie Stackhouse novels. I tried reading the first two but they didn't hold my interest.

I love the series too. I am on Book 6 right now. I found it hard to go on after Kisten died. I was heartbroken. I wish he would have been around more and we got to know him better. I am addicted to it too, I read a lot of books like this, like Sookie Stackhouse, and although I loved that series too, it went downhill fast. I hope this series stays strong. I like Manias for some reason he seems cool, Al is just getting crazier, and Trent, man just when you start to like him, he goes and betrays her again. I wish Nick would just go away, she could have killed him off and kept Kisten on. I don't know if I want her to remember what happened with Kisten, I was crushed!