I've Been Missing Them

I was noticing today that many of the groups I’ve joined lately have to do with kissing.  I believe it’s safe to assume that something very important has been missing in my life lately dontcha’ think? 
But before you start sending me circle requests offering your service please let me finish. 
I got to also thinking about all the ways I miss kissing.  The way my grandmother would squinch up my cheeks in her hands and decorate my face with quick pecks.  That particular style has now been passed down to my mother with her granddaughter.  My favorite uncle would always hug me, kiss me on the top of my head and say, “Love you kiddo”.  I remember my arms could never quite reach around him but his embrace felt like it wrapped around me at least twice.  Then there is the kiss you give your best friend after it’s been ages since you’ve seen each other (I know, guys don’t do this…).  Just a cheek to cheek type thing but you make the sound to affirm the connection of two old, dear souls.  Ah, your first “real” kiss.  Awkward, innocent, made butterflies flutter in your stomach.  Then there’s the actual REAL kiss!  The one you want to last forever.  The one you pray will be your last first kiss.  But of course it usually isn’t.  How about those soft, sweet ones that make your toes curl?  Or the one’s that make everything else curl!  Ha-cha-cha!  So many different kisses for so many different reasons yet they all make you feel the same.  Safe, secure, wanted, cherished, desired and, at the risk of sounding mushy, even loved.  So my challenge for everyone today is to get to kissin’!  It’s good for the soul!  
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3 Responses May 6, 2011

You describe it so well. I remember the kiss's we gave grandma so well because she alway's had perfume on her cheek's that we tasted for hour's afterward's yet today I would give anything to kiss her just one more time. It is the family hug's and kiss's that I miss the most. My Best.

Wish it was that easy...<br />
<br />
But your story is sweet. *faerie blows kiss to foolishme*

Can we start offering our services now? :-P