Not The First But The Most Memorable

I kissed a girl and I liked it 2. There are some things that never seem to leave, memories that hang on for years as if burned into your very DNA. There were few girls in High School I trusted to not talk so I mostly dated girls who lived in nearby towns and as far away as 70 miles. However, from time to time for convenience sake and something novel I'd go ahead with the local girl. There was a really smart girl in one of my classes and she went to my church too. We were in the same grade, although she was a year older than me and she usually dated guys several years older than herself. For the entire time I knew her prior to our date, she was going steady with a guy that had already graduated. They broke up and I decided to ask her out because she was attractive, smart and I enjoyed knowing her. We went to the movie and just chatted and had a good time. I took her back to her house, walked her to her front door and we kissed goodnight. Wow! I had never expected the effect this had on me. Her lips melted into mine. They were just moist enough, little to no tongue, and soft as anything that had ever come into contact with me. I wanted to stay there all night or go back with her to the car and drive off to some secluded place and taste her lips all night long. We were young and had curfews so I said good night and was surely going to call her again. BUT, her old boyfriend made up with her before I could ask her out again and that was the end of it. Her initials are DR and she lived in LA. ;-)
46-50, M
Jan 11, 2012