Making Out Is a Lost Art.

I don't get it.

What ever happened to making out? Now its just 0 to sex in 60 seconds. People are so instant gratification that its painful now. I totally miss just hanging out and making out in bed/on a bench/on the beach/ANYWHERE for hours. I haven't been with someone who's wanted to do that in FOREVER.
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4 Responses Dec 1, 2006

Making out is awsome, it gets you ready and feels so good. I like making out inside a private place so it won't have to stop until we're ready. I like to start some times just to see the reaction on my lovers face. Letting us know what you want is just as important as us letting you know.

Totally understand you.

They ARE out there, I PROMISE YOU!! GUYS WANT to "MAKE-OUT" just as much as Women Do, You just gotta tell them to"SLOW-DOWN". After all., WE ALL want it to last !!

They are out there... I promise! I found one not too long ago.