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I Love Kisses But Can Not Get Them From My Love.

Anytime i kiss someone now i feel nothing..absolutely nothing. No warmth, no happy giddy feelings. Just nothing.

The reason for this is because the man i want to kiss and who was my boyfriend/fiancé died while crossing the road. I lost him a few months ago. It hurts miserably and I'm in deep depression. But i somehow survive. The thought of seeing him in the after life is what keeps me going.

I sometimes wonder if he can feel it when i dream of him like i can feel it. I wonder if he hears me as i cry and sing about my love and how much i miss his sweet soul intoxicating kisses. I wonder if he can feel as i hug and kiss his jacket and picture.

I loved his kisses more than anyone else's.
but i will never feel them again.
Caitlinsmith1636 Caitlinsmith1636 18-21, F 5 Responses Jan 27, 2013

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That's so sad! I would be so devastated if that happened to me. But life goes on, you are too young to stop enjoying your life, i'm sure you will find new love!


Thank you &lt;3

I'm sorry. I can't either.

&lt;3 its okay. I am sorry that you can't kiss your love.

I'm sorry. I can't either.

I want to give you some clever advice or cheery comment.....but it'd be to no use at all......but I can say I hope for the best for you. It's the only honest thing I can say sincerely

Thank you &lt;3