it's an addiction somtimes

totally.  it's a connection to someone you love.  Well, me personally don't know what love means...I mean, really.  I haven't been inlove and nobody seems to share me that feelings, too.  Love and Me doesn't match well.   A lot of young fools says when you kiss, you get the connection you wanted from someone.  True but love doesn't necessarily involves.  My first kiss was, I may say, the best.  It was my first, what can I say? I din't love him but I wanted him to kiss me almost everyday.  But I thought kiss's suppose to be good  all the time even for the person you really like but I was wrong.  I liked this guy once, like, totally like.  I even thought I was inlove with him.  He was not my boyfriend but we shared some understanding.  When he kisses me it bothers me 'cuz I din't like it at all.  There's something about our kiss that made me want to stop him kissing me.  It confused me a lot that I finally knew the answer, we can only be just friends and nothing more.  So, I guess kiss is just a kiss and you can't measure love from a single kiss. 
WandaFull27 WandaFull27
26-30, F
Jan 23, 2007